How to map a network drive


Mapping a network drive allows you to Acadia network resources quickly and efficiently.

This article provides information:

  • Acadia University network drives - what they are, who has access and their server name
  • Links to specific instructions based on Operating System (Windows, Mac and Linux)

What Drives would you like to map

There are several network drives on campus. Each network drive provides different resources. The common drives on campus are: 

  • S Drive.
    • Purpose: This is the departmental drive containing pertinent files specific to each department.
    • Access: Limited to employee (Faculty and Staff) access. Only those with access to a department can see a department drive. For example, staff in Advancement cannot see Technology Services drives.
    • Server: Share: departments 
  • P Drive. 
    • PurposeThis is the Public drive containing course information, programs and other tools.   See related article: How to Get Optional Software
    • Access: Limited to employee (Faculty and Staff) access. 
    • Server: Share: Public
  • H Drive.
    • Purpose: This is an individual user's storage drive and website (create a WWW folder in here and place your web page inside it)
    • Access: Individual employees can see their own H drives. Not all employees will have an H drive. Employees hired after the transition to Office 365 will not have this storage drive. 
    • Server: Share: users/username
  • Falcon.
    • Purpose: For Computer Science faculty, staff and students, Falcon provides a personal storage and work space. 
    • Access: Computer Science only
    • Server: Share: Your username
  • Eden.
    • Purpose: A users storage and work space required for Ebony and Eden.
    • Access: employees who utilize Ebony and Eden
    • Server: Share: Your username

Mapping Instructions

Please select the appropriate guide below to set up your drives:

Windows 10




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