How to fix Microsoft Teams permissions for macOS


Newer version of macOS may have prevented the proper permission settings which causes issues for the proper operation of Microsoft Teams as well as other collaboration platforms such as Zoom.


Confirm the following settings are correct on your Mac computer:

  1. Open your System Preferences 
  2. Then select the Security & Privacy icon
  3. Click the Lock symbol located in the bottom-left of the window to unlock (Computer password will be required) and allow changes to be made.
  4. Select the tab at the top called Privacy
  5. On the privacy tab select each of the highlighted categories on the left (see image) and confirm the option for Microsoft Teams has a checkmark enabled on the right side. 


  1. Once all the checkmarks have been placed, click the lock symbol once more to prevent further changes to your settings.


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Wed 7/15/20 1:51 PM
Tue 3/22/22 10:06 AM