Microsoft Forms


Microsoft Forms is a way to create surveys, polls or quizzes. The application can be used as a stand-alone or within Teams (and SharePoint). Within Teams, users can create quick interactive polls.  

The application via the portal provides robust functionality to create surveys, polls or quizzes. Any previously created Forms can be added to a Team as a Tab. 

This article provides an overview of Forms functionality and access:

  1. Office Portal

  2. Teams: 

    1. Quick on the fly polls, or 

    2. Previously created Forms created in the Portal

For more detailed instructions and functionality, please see:

Microsoft Forms via Office 365 Portal

Forms can be accessed through by logging into the Office 365 Portal:

If it is not in your list on the left side, select the All Apps icon and Form will be listed alphabetically.

Create a Form within Office Portal

Once you open Forms, you will see either New Quiz or New Form at the top; select the down arrow beside it and select the one you want.

Once the form or quiz opens, you can give it a title and then select Add New and you will get the following options:

Each option has different choices, however, they all have the option to be required or not.  You also have the option to copy, delete, or reorder.  Once you finish your form or quiz, you can see what it will look like on a computer or a phone, add the theme, share it either with the Acadia Organization or with anyone who has the link, or click on the ellipses (...) and go to settings.


Microsoft Forms via Teams

There are several ways to access Microsoft Forms within Teams.  

1. Add the Application in Teams:

  • In Teams, click on the ellipses (...) along the left hand side, and search for Forms. 

2. Once installed, it can be used on any chat or channel that is NOT private.  Forms can be access using the Forms Icon in the Chat/Channel or via the top Tool bar. 

From the Chat/Channel Bar: 

a.  Select the Forms Icon  from the Channel or Chat to insert a poll, for example:

From the Top Tool Bar

To use it in the channel, type @forms in the message and Forms will start a new poll. 

This poll will only show up for the current channel. 

Add an Existing Form

If you want to use an existing poll or quiz, you can create a new tab in the channel at the top. 

When you find Forms to add, it will ask if you want to create a new form or use an existing form or quiz.



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