How to send an email to a channel in Teams


If you want to send an email to a channel in Teams, use the channel email address. Once an email is part of a channel, anyone can reply to it to start a conversation.

In this article, you can learn how to: 

  • Send an email to a channel

  • Reply to an email in a channel

  • View the original email

  • Troubleshoot email failures

Send an email to a channel

Go to the channel name, and click More options . . .Get email address.

Reply to an email in a channel

When you reply to an email message that has been sent to a channel, it's treated like a reply to any other post in a channel. Replying to the post in Teams doesn't send an email reply to the original sender. Any comments or conversations you have about the email in a channel aren't visible outside of Teams.

View the original email

Sometimes, emails that get sent to a channel are too large to view in the conversation. To see an email in its original format, click View original email under the email in the conversation.

Troubleshoot email failures

There are a few reasons why sending an email to a channel can fail:

  • The feature is not enabled by your IT admin.

  • The channel settings restrict who can send email.

  • The email contains more than 50 inline images.

  • The email has more than 20 file attachments.

  • The email has an attachment that's more than 10 MB.

  • The SharePoint folder associated with the channel has been deleted or renamed.


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