How to set up Mobility Print


  • This article will help you set up mobility print on a device: laptop, computer, phone or tablet.
  • You must be on campus and connected to Acadia Wi-Fi network (not guest) for these instructions to work. 


  1. Using your favourite browser, access
  2. ​​​​Follow the installation guide for the appropriate device/Operating System, with the following settings: 
    • Username: Acadia Username (not email)
    • Password: Acadia network password
    • Secure-Print (only option available).
  3. Once installed, you can print from anywhere on campus.
    • To collect your print job, go to a Konica Minolta device on campus
      • For Students, the KM device is in the Library. 
      • For faculty and Staff, see Further Reading for a list of additional Konica Minolta devices. 
    • Use your tap ID card to release the print job at the device.
      • At this point, you can print in black and white or duplex. 
NOTE: Duplex (double sided) and black and white printing are recommended.  


Once complete, you are able to print from any device. 

Further Reading

Where to find printers on campus

How to register your ID for tap.

How to securely release your print job



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