OneDrive Information

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is Microsoft's free cloud-based storage solution which allows students, staff and faculty to easily upload and share their documents online. Use of OneDrive is completely optional, users can decide what they want to store, share or upload via the Office 365 portal.

What are the benefits?

OneDrive is an efficient way to share files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF etc) with anyone from any device. Begin sharing files or folders with people on or off-campus using OneDrive.  

  • Access to your files from any device - laptops, desktops and mobile devices - on and off campus
  • Share your files with anyone
  • Collaborate in real time with multiple people
  • Larger storage capacity - 1 TB of storage space, with files up to 15GB in size.
  • Securely and confidently save files and documents in a single location. Files are encrypted and stored on a secure server.

How do I use OneDrive?

Currently, the simplest method is to login to and upload files manually. Once signed in, you will be taken to the main portal page where you will see a small, blue icon that looks like a waffle. This is the App button:

Clicking on the App button shows you all of the available Office 365 Online Apps; click on the OneDrive icon:

Once you've clicked the OneDrive icon, you should be taken to the OneDrive main page, from here you can create new files and folders or upload a file of your choosing:

Clicking on Upload wil pop open a new window, from here you can select which files you want to upload. Hold down the Shift key if wish to select multiple files:

Your files should now be located in your OneDrive folder:



For detailed training, click here to go to Microsoft's video training.



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