Solutions to common printing issues on Acadia on-campus printers


Unable to print to Acadia's on-campus network printers.

The following is a list of symptoms and possible solutions. 

For additional support, please contact the Service Desk by placing a Printing Service Request.


I do not see the printer?

  • You need to first install the printer, go here to install one.

I attempted to print and I get an error or the job is being held, on hold, or awaiting authorization?

Your computer has lost its network connectivity or you have recently changed your password. Please try the following.

Windows users:

  • Press the Windows Key+R and type \\
  • When prompted enter your Acadia username and password.
  • Click OK
  • When the window opens, simply double click on the printer you are trying to print to.
  • Try to print again, enter your username and your Acadia password.

Mac OS X users: 

  • Click on Spotlight (the magnify glass) and type in the following keychain access.
  • Select the keychain access program to open.
  • In the top right of keychain access program type in to show all Acadia printer related keychain items.
  • Double click the keychain entry listed and click "Show password" checkbox. Enter your Mac login password when prompted and select "Allow".
  • Update the password with your current Acadia Password and Click "Save Changes".
  • Previous print jobs should be deleted and resent to network printer.

When all else fails

If these items do not work, you can delete your installed printers and re-installing them. Instructions for this can be found here.

Need to Place a Service Call?

Locate the Konica Minolta sticker on your photocopier.  Collect and provide the ID # starting with 9814 and call the toll free number on the sticker, or email, to submit a service request.

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