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How to set up a network printer

Student Pricing:

  • Black & white laser prints (ts-laser & lib-laser only): 10 cents per page
  • Colour laser prints (ts-colour only): 50 cents per page

Employee Pricing: Will vary with each copier and/or printer being used.

Common public print queue names:

  • lib-laser Student only printer located in the Vaughan Library (HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603)
  • ts-laser Student only printer located in Technology Services (Ricoh MP C4503 PS)
  • ts-colour Student only printer also located in Technology Services (Ricoh MP C4503 PS)
  • Secure-Print Faculty/Staff only using departmental MFP(s) (Konica Minolta C458)


Install information based on your operating system found within this document:

Mac (OS X)
Ubuntu Linux


Windows 7/8/10

  • Windows 7
    • Click the Windows button
    • Without clicking anything else, type \\, hit enter.
  • Windows 8
    • Click the Windows button
    • In your search bar type \\, hit enter.
  • Windows 10
    • In Cortana search type \\, hit enter.


  • (If prompted) Type acadia\username in the username field
    • If you do not use acadia\ in front of your username (noting the direction of the slash), it will not work. Complete by typing your password in the password field
  • Find the printer you are looking to add:
    • lib-laser located in the Vaughan Library (Students only)
    • ts-laser located in Technology Services (Students only)
    • ts-colour also located in Technology Services (Students only)
    • find your departmental printer/copier for normal departmental printing. (Faculty/Staff)
    • Secure-Print for Secure Print Release or Find-Me printing (Faculty/Staff) 
  • Double-click on the printer
  • A dialog box may pop-up and ask you to Install the driver, click Install Driver
  • Depending on your security settings it may ask you to continue, press continue if prompted

Mac OS X

This method requires Mac OS X 10.7 or above

First download and install the necessary printer drivers for your printer:

***If you do not install the appropriate driver from the above links before continuing, it will not work!***

  • Open the Apple menu in the top left
  • Click on System Preferences
  • Click on “Printers & Scanners”, "Printers", or “Print and Fax”
  • Click on the plus (+) to add a printer
  • If the Advanced button is not on the toolbar, then do the following
    • Two-finger click (right click) the Toolbar at the top
    • Select Customize Toolbar
    • Drag Advanced button onto the Toolbar and click Done
  • Select Advanced on the toolbar and wait for “Type” to fill in
  • Change Type to "Windows printer via spoolss"
  • In the URL field type (replacing 'printername' with the proper name for the printer you are installing):
    • smb://
    • Common “printername” options:
      • lib-laser located in the Vaughan Library (uses the 'HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603'  software)
      • ts-laser located in Technology Services (uses the 'Ricoh MP C4503 PS' software)
      • ts-colour also located in Technology Services (uses the 'Ricoh MP C4503 PS' software)
      • Secure-Print for Secure Print Release or Find-Me printing (Faculty/Staff) 
  • In the Name field, type the “printername” again.
  • Leave the Location field blank.
  • In the Print Using or Use field, change to "Select Printer Software…" and search for the printer’s manufacturer and model number. (See above for printer models)
  • Select the driver and click OK
  • Click the Add button to add the selected printer, then click OK on the next window if one opens

Please note: The first time you attempt to print you be will asked for your network password. Ensure you enter acadia\yourusername as the username, making sure to use the proper slash.
If you get the Hold for Authentication error, there was an issue with your username or password.
Open the Keychain Access program, delete the entry for the printer, and try again.

Ubuntu Linux

This method requires Ubuntu 8.10 or above

To install a network printer in Linux, begin by choosing "Administration" from the pull down menu, then "Printing", as shown.

Click the "New" button to activate the Add Printer wizard. The wizard will initially search for any printers available on your local subnet. The option to install a network printer is available near the bottom of the list which appears, and is labelled "Windows Printer via SAMBA".

If you're missing the option, SAMBA is not installed. You can install it via the terminal by openning up a new terminal session and typing:

sudo apt-get install smbclient

You may be prompted to install some updates, just follow the instructions in the terminal window.

On the New Printer configuration page, first enter the path to the printer you wish to install. The paths to common public printers are found at the end of this document. When path has been entered, also enter your username and password, in the format shown.

When you have completed the configuration page, click "Forward." The "Verify" button will fail, but you should still be able to print. If printing does not work, the most likely causes are that the credentials were wrong (missing acadia\ usually), you do not have permission to print on the printer you installed, or you chose the wrong driver.

The next page of the wizard is the Driver Configuration page. On this page, select a manufacturer appropriate to the printer you are attempting to install, and proceed to the next stage, where you will select the model appropriate to the printer. Make and model of common public printers are found at the end of this document.

When complete, activate the "Forward" button one final time. This will complete the wizard and add the printer to your device list.

Please note: The ts-laser printer has the optional Tray 1, 2000 sheet feeder and Duplex units installed. Please check these options when presented with the choice.

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