How to Map a Network Drive - Linux

Linux - Map a Network Drive

  1. Open a Terminal window
  2. You require the mount.cifs command, so you will have to install the cifs-utils package
    • If you are on Ubuntu or similar, you can type 'sudo apt-get install cifs-utils' to install it
  3. Type 'sudo mkdir /tmp/pdrive' or substitute with the directory you'd like to mount into (pdrive is just an example)
  4. Type 'sudo mount.cifs //path /tmp/pdrive -o rw,noperm,username=XYZ,domain=ACADIA'
    • Make sure to substitute /tmp/pdrive if you want to mount in a different location
    • Substitute //path for the folder you want:
      • // for the S drive
      • // for your drive on Falcon
      • Substitute 'XYZ' with your Acadia username 
  5. You may have to enter two separate passwords:
    1. If you did not use 'sudo' in the earlier commands or recently, you will have to enter your Linux password first
      • The Linux password prompt will just say "Password: "
    2. Your Acadia network password (same as Central, MOODLE, email, etc)
      • The network password prompt will say "Password for XYZ@// " (XYZ being your username as before)
  6. If no errors occur, the drive should now be mounted into the folder you specified.


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