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Issues printing on network printers


Not being able to print to the network printers on campus.


I don't see the printer?

  • You need to first install the printer, go here to install one.

I clicked print now nothing happens?

  • You're out of print credit, click here to add more.

I attempted to print and I get an error!

  • Your computer has lost its network credentials:
    • Windows users: Press the Windows Key + R and type \\
    • When prompted enter your Acadia ID (Example: acadia\012345g) and password.
    • Click OK
    • When the window opens, simply double click on the printer you are trying to print to.
    • Mac OS X Users: Click on "Spotlight" (magnify glass) and type in "keychain access". Remove the keychain entry with the printer name you are trying to print to.
    • Try to print again, enter your username (Example: acadia\012345g) and your Acadia password.
  • If these items don't work, you can always try re-installing a printer, instructions for this can be found here.
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