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Need software for a class?

Need to add or remove access to Acadia's CMS websites?

Is this your first visit to the hub? Let us show you around.

Need a loan of Audio Visual equipment?

Use this service to request a transfer of funds from your student account credit to Axe Cash.

Request to have the current accessibility of a website be reviewed.

Request changes (temporary or permanent) to the department head for online approvals.

Use the the password change portal to change your Acadia password.

Need to make changes to the campus online directory?

Need to makes changes to your landline phone configuration?

Having technical problems in the classroom with projecting, no audio, etc?

Notify student accounts of your intention to purchase a commuter meal plan.

Initiate a request for an Acadia computer account.

Proper disposal of electronic waste from Acadia's Campus.

Please complete this form if you wish to withdraw from Acadia's English for Academic Purposes program.