How to favorite services and requests


As a user of the HUB, you may often want to use the same Service Requests (i.e. Report a breach, problem with WiFi, request an account). These instructions will describe how to favourite a service and then you see a list of those services. 


Add to Favourites

  1. Log into the HUB Service Portal using your Acadia username and password.  You must be logged in to favourite a Service. 
  2. Find the Service Request  that you would like to favourite. 
  3. In the right hand side, locate the Add to Favourites button Add to favourites button
  4. Select the star associated with the button
  5. The Service will now be associated with your favourites.
  6. In the main login screen, on the bottom left hand side, you will see a component called My Favourite Services.  Your favourite Services will appear. 

See list of favourites

  1. From anywhere in the HUB Service Portal, from the top selection bar, select Services > My Favourites 
    • Please note: you may have different options on the bar based on your permissions. 

hub header my favourite services

  1. From My Favourites you will have a list of your favourite service requests.  
  2. You can remove services from your favourite list from within this area. 


You will be able to favourite, see a list of common activities and remove the list. 

Further Reading

How to use the online portalAn overview article of the HUB Service Portal. 

Tech Talk Videos. A few short videos with how to submit a request, search the services and knowledge base articles. 


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