How to find your MAC Address (Computers)

Each computer has its own "network address", which is based on a unique number registered to every computer that is called a MAC address or Physical address. This number needs to be registered on our network before your personal computer can gain access to the internet from on campus.

To find your MAC address please follow the instructions for the appropriate operating system, found below.


Your MAC address can be viewed while within Windows by clicking on the Start menu, and click on the Search Field. Enter into the field the command: cmd This will start the DOS terminal window. Once in the black screen, enter the command: ipconfig /all After pressing enter, look for the long alpha-numeric number listed as "physical address" and copy this number down. Please Note: Some computers may have both a wired and wireless card.  The wired card will have "Local Area Connection" in the heading.  For the wireless card, the heading will be something like "Wireless LAN adapter".

windows mac

Mac OS X

Your MAC address is available in the System Preferences Pane "Network" Please select "Ethernet" or "Wi-Fi" from the pane to the left, then press the "Advanced" button. In the advanced sheet, the MAC address is located under the "Hardware" button.

osx mac


Open a terminal / console window and enter the command: ifconfig In the "ifconfig" output you will find the HWaddr numbers. Record this number.

linux mac


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