How to use Secure Print


Secure Print Release (Find - Me Printing) places your jobs in a holding state until you authenticate and releases the job at any campus Konica Minolta MFP. You may select individual jobs to release after successful authentication with your "tap" card at the MFP.  Print jobs will be held in a queue for several days. 

PaperCut Secure Print Release offers:

  • Secure printing - sensitive jobs will not sit uncollected on the printer. Jobs only print when released by the user.
  • Find-Me Printing - provides a solution where you print and collect your job at any Konica Minolta printer on campus.
  • Reduced wastage - no more uncollected jobs. No wasted paper or toner.

This article contains:

  1. Installation Guides
  2. Usage Instructions

Installation Guides

The setup for Secure Print Release is similar to installing the printer in the same manner as you would for your default department printer. 

  1. Install the printer called "Secure-Print" instead of choosing your departmental printer (E.g. "athletics-copier").
  2. Install information based on your operating system.

Please note: Due to multiple models of the Konica Minolta MFP(s), Mac and Linux users will need to install the print driver for the Konica Minolta C458 when installing Secure-Print.

Mac (OS X)
Ubuntu Linux


Usage once installed

When you print a document, select the Secure-Print printer from your list of the printers.


At your department MFP. Tap your ID card or log in with username & password.

The print job will be setting in your personal queue, you can select one or all print jobs from the menu and you print job will be printed.


Accessing from web:

Alternatively from within PaperCut web interface, you will see your jobs pending release. From here, you can release your print job immediately or cancel them. 

All images may vary due to differences in MFP interfaces and operating systems.


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