How to get Optional Software


Optional software is available to students, staff, and faculty. Access to the different academic software depends your program, and can vary from individual to individual. 
As a student, your professor will provide you with the software requirements and its availability through Acadia.

All students are provided with the Office 365 productivity suite. This includes desktop and cloud versions of its popular applications.

Some academic software programs (such as, Nutrition and Engineering) require a Windows Operating System. Please verify with your professor or Technology Services to ensure you purchase the correct laptop for your program.

This article provides an overview of the following software options:

Acadia's Software Portal

Software is available to be purchased from the Software Portal. You must login with your Acadia account first before you gain access to the portal. 

You will find software in such Maple, Minitab, SPSS, SAS, etc.  They are available to all employees and students. 

Enter Store


Vendor Direct Purchases

If you do not see a specific software that you require from within the software portal, contact Technology Services and they can help arrange acquiring it for you. An Information Security and Privacy Assessment must be conducted before any software, including those found on the cloud, can be used on the Acadia network.  In addition, there may already be campus agreements with the vendor. 

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