What is my Acadia Identification


At Acadia, you have several different types identifiers based on the system and/or the processes involved. This article provides a summary of the different types of identifiers and the nomenclatures used:

Username or User ID

  • Your Username or User ID, along with your secure password, are used to access most systems on campus.
  • Username may also be referred to as User ID, Network ID, Network Account, Active Directory (AD) Account.  
  • Typically, your username consists of: 
    • Employees: the 1st letter of your first name and the 1st 7 letters of your last name (i.e. FLLLLLLL).
      • Username is 8 alpha-character. 
      • Email is firstname.lastname@acadiau.ca
    • Students: 6 or 7 digits, plus a letter (i.e. 0123456d), depending upon when you joined the Acadia community.
      • Username is the first part of your email address without the @acadiau.ca.
      • Email  is your username@acadiau.ca.
  • For more information see: What is my Username and Password

For most systems, your Username/ID is used to log into systems. Microsoft 365 is the exception. Access to Microsoft 365 resources uses your email. Your email is used to create/change your network password and security information for Multi-Factor Authentication, and to access Microsoft resources, including email, Office 365 applications.  

Colleague ID

  • Your Colleague ID is often referred to as a Student ID or an Employee ID
  • Your Colleague ID is your primary ID. 
  • It is a 7 numeric digit identifier (i.e. 0123456)
  • This is not necessarily the same as the User ID/Username that you use to access various campus systems or your Alternate ID.

To find your Colleague ID: 

  • Go to Acadiau.ca 
  • Select myAcadia in the top right hand corner
  • Select Self Service and login using your Username/password
  • Your Colleague ID will be located under User Options/User Profile

To locate the Colleague ID of another person (restricted access): 

Alternate or Acadia ID

  • This is a 9 digit unique identifier.
  • It is used to tie various integrated systems together.
  • This is not the same identifier as your User ID/Username or Colleague ID. Your Alternate ID may encompass some components of your Colleague ID.
  • This was previously referred to Acadia ID.

As a general rule, a students' Alternate ID depends on date of registration: 

  • A Registered Student BEFORE 2021 July 16, the Alternate ID: Eden ID as Alternate ID (i.e. 100123456)    
  • A Registered Student AFTER 2021 July 16, the Alternate ID: Colleague ID with a 40 at the front as an Alternate ID (i.e. 4000123456).

There may be exceptions for students who existed in the system prior 2021 July. There may be  some Alternate IDs with preceding  000; 200, 300s.  But, after July 16, 2021, there is only a Colleague ID and the corresponding Alternate ID will have the 40 in front of it. 

To locate the Alternate ID of another person (restricted access): 

  • Go to colleague.acadiau.ca
  • Type in the code: SPRO
  • In the Lookup field, enter the name.
  • The Alternate ID is located at the top of the SPRO Student Index Card.


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