What is my Username and Password?


Your Acadia Username or email address, along with your password, is your access key to campus services. 

For example, it is required for access to: 

  • Email and other Microsoft Office 365 resources (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams) 
  • Campus Wireless / WiFi
  • HUB Service Portal 
  • myAcadia Self Service Portal 
  • Library Services 
  • Printing Services 
  • Residence Services 
  • Acadia Alert Services 

This article provides an overview of

  1. Acadia Username and Password Structure
  2. Passwords Practices
  3. Username and Password Exceptions 
  4. General Account Management

Acadia Username and Password 

Your username and password in combination are used to access Acadia campus systems. 

Username may also be referred to as User ID, Network ID, Network Account. 


  • Your username is the first part of your email address, without the "@acadiau.ca". 
  • Your username will be up to 7 or 8 characters or digits long, depending upon when you joined the campus community. 
  • Your password is the password you have chosen. 


  • Your username is typically the 1st letter of your first name and the 1st 7 letters of your last name (i.e FLLLLLLL). 
  • Your email is typically first.lastname@acadiau.ca
  • Your password is the password you have chosen.


  Student/Alumnus Employee/Guest Retiree
Name  Pat Doeadeer   Pat Doeadeer   Pat Doeadeer 
Username 123456d or 1234567d  pdoeadee  pdoeadee 
Username & email 123456d@acadiau.ca or 1234567d@acadiau.ca pat.doeadeer@acadiau.ca  pat.doeadeer@acadiau.ca 
Email alias Graduate Student Only and by Special Request: patdoeadeer@acadiau.ca n/a n/a

Password Practices

  • Your password is one which you created when you activated your Acadia account and claimed your email. This is not the same as your temporary password. 
  • Use a long and strong password. At least 10 characters with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. 
  • Passwords are case sensitive – ensure that your keyboard “Caps Lock” is turned off 
  • If you have forgotten your password, it can be reset by following Password Reset.
  • If the password works elsewhere, it is more likely a problem with the application itself.  


  • There are a few systems that do not use the same username and/or password as your Acadia username and/or password. For example,
    • Microsoft Office 365, Knowbe4 (security training), Box office ticketing): uses email address as a Username.
    • Acadia Alerts: uses a different password
    • Slate Recruitment System: uses both a different username/email and password 
  • There are some systems that do not require you to re-enter your password once you have logged in with your Acadia account. For example, KnowBe4 Security.  
    • TS is continually adding more systems to the “Single Sign On” experience.  You will see Icons for these services in the O365 Portal Dashboard. 

Password and Account Management 

You can manage your security profile, password and Multi Factor Authentication all from your Security Information

  • Set up your password reset/Multi-Factor Authentication Information 
  • Change or reset a forgotten password 
  • Update your Security Information 
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