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There are multiple ways to access and manage notifications. You can set your overall notifications as well as through specific channels. This article provides some of the ways in which you can control your Teams application.
Microsoft recently rolled out enhancements to its Teams meeting and calls functionality. This article provides a few highlights.
Steps to install updates to your web-browser
Information regarding wireless networks on Acadia's campus.
What do you need to have success with Teams, in terms of internet access, computer requirements etc.
Technology Services provides support on a variety of technological needs across campus. What are the various ways in which you can ask for help?
Teams meeting best practices
This article provides links to 3 different New to Acadia Checklists. Select the appropriate checklist depending on whether you are a student (on campus or learning remotely) or a staff and faculty member.
Details on how to install Windows on a Mac
Article explains how to connect to on-campus printers using Windows, Mac or Linux.
This article provides the steps to map a network drive (i.e. S or P drive) on a Mac Operating System.
This article provides the detailed instructions on how to map an Acadia University network drive (i.e. the S or P drive)
This article provides instructions on how to map a network drive (i.e. S or P drive) on a Linux device.
New to Acadia Checklist. All the things you need to get started on campus.