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Do you have a question or concern? Perhaps you need to inquire about a service offered by Acadia? Welcome to the HUB.

In the HUB, you can request a service or browse articles for information and solutions. The HUB is available 24x7. It's your first stop to finding out information or getting into contact with Technology Services.  

Cannot find what you are looking for? Be sure to login as some content may be restricted based on your affiliation with Acadia University. The login or Sign in is located in the top right corner.


For more details on the various Hub Functions:


Home Page

When you first access the HUB, you will log into the Home Page.   From the Home Page there are several areas of note:

Find Answers points you to the Knowledge Base and its help articles. 


Request Assistance points you to Services and the Service Catalogue. 


My Open Requests provides you a list of the requests that you have placed


Sign into the HUB with your Acadia Username and password. There are more services and help articles available to you once you login.    

Popular Services

The most popular requests of the day. This is dynamic and changes as people are using these services.

Links you to Service Desk consultants.  If it is not answered, a ticket is still created and a Service Desk representative will contact you via email.
Check status image Links you to the System Status Portal. All service disruptions, outages and scheduled maintenance, are posted on the System Portal. You can also opt-in for text and/or email notifications. 
Are you a new employee or student at Acadia?These checklists will help guide you through getting started with Technology at Acadia.  
Need more information using the HUB. Learn more about the different aspects of it. 


Technology Services is on Twitter. All service disruptions, announcements and initiatives are posted here.  


Top Function Bar


The top function bar is static. This lets you select it from whereever you are in the HUB.  

  • Home. Return to the main page.
  • Submit a request. Search or submit a general request for the various departments that use the HUB.
  • Departments: each department that uses the HUB (Technology Services, Financial Services/Student Accounts, Registrar's Office) has their own individual page with specific popular requests and office hours.
  • Services. Search the Service Catalogue for a specific request.
  • Knowledge Base.  Search the Knowledge Base for a specific help article. 


What is the Service Catalog

A service catalogue is a curated and categorized list of services provided by Technology Services.  

  • You can browse through the categories for the specific service you require.   
  • Popular and recent services that you have used can be found on the right side of the page.

Once you have located the specific service, follow the instructions and select the Request Service button.  A Technology Services consultant will respond to your service request. The requests are routed to the appropriate team to address the issue or request. 

General vs. specific service

The General Inquiry Service request always works.  Use this if you can't find a specific service.  However, the more specific your request, the faster it can be triaged and assigned to the appropriate team.  

Manage your requests

There are ways to manage your existing requests. You can view, comment or cancel a ticket you've previously place: See Submitting, Viewing, Commenting and Cancelling Tickets (

Favourite requests

If there is a request you find yourself using more often, you can favourite it.  This service will then appear on your main home page or under the list of request.  For information see the article Favourite your Services

What is the Knowledge Base

Curated and categorized list of self help and solution articles that address common technology related concerns and issues. 

  • You can browse through the categories for the specific help you require.   
  • On each department's HUB page, popular articles are listed.
Favourite help articles

If you find that you require access to a specific help article more often, you can favourite it. Learn more about how to access your favourite help articles.  

Search Bar

  1. Locate the Search bar in the top right hand corner.
  2. Type in a key word or phrase to search for services or articles. 
  3. To refine your search, select just the Knowledge Base or the Service Catalog

search graphic


Using #tags to refine search

When articles and services are created, they are assigned tags.  These help refine your search. For example, if you were to search with  

  • #self-service #students: 4 different articles appear 
  • #self-service #employees: 8 different articles appear

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