Information regarding support features to assist you in working from home.

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How to securely work from home

One of our goals is to enable you to work as securely as possible from home. Below are some simple, effective steps to working securely. The best part is all of these steps not only help secure your work, but they will make you and your family far safer as you create a cyber secure home.

How to map a network drive

Details on how to connect to a mapped drive using various operating systems.

Using OneDrive to Share Documents

Practice Safe Sharing. How to use OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint to send files to your colleagues.

Using OneDrive or Office App to Scan and Sign Documents

This article contains information on how you can scan scan whiteboards, business cards, or documents using the mobile OneDrive app as well as a providing an introduction into the Office App. The Office App provides the scanning functionality but also access to all your documents in one place, whether they be Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Finally, there is information on how to digitally sign a document through a tool called Inking.