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This article provides links to the various articles on printing services on campus. 


The articles below are intended for faculty, staff and students regarding campus Printing services.    

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Article Subject

 How to Connect/Install an On-Campus Acadia Printer


Article explains how to connect to on-campus printers using Windows, Mac, or Linux.


 How to register your ID card for "tap"


Registering your new ID card for tap functionality on the Konica Minolta multifunction copier.


How to set up Mobility Print

Instructions for installing or using Mobility print on your computer, laptop. phone or tablet. 

NB: must be completed on campus and signed into the Acadia WiFi network. 

How to install your default printer


Instructions for the installation of printer drivers for access on campus.


 How to securely release your print job


How to securely release your print job


 Student Campus Printing



Students have the option of bringing their own printer or using printing services available in the library. This article provides information on how to access printing services.


How to identify and install additional printing features Certain devices on campus have additional features, such as stapling, sorting, folding and hole punch. These have to be added during installation. This article provides an overview of the devices and their features. 

Solutions for common Issues with an Acadia on-campus printers



Symptoms and possible solutions for printing errors

 How to install PaperCut


Installing the PaperCut Client


How to access and navigate PaperCut


Access and Navigation of PaperCut


How to find printers on campus

Employees can print, copy and scan at any Konica Minolta device on campus and be charged to your regular account. Use Secure-Print and collect their print job.

View Your Printing History

See what you have printed through PaperCut.

How to add a user to the Konica Minolta address book


Adding a user to the address book using the KM panel.

How to remove address book entries.

How to Order and Recycle Printer Toners


Some answers to common questions about toner replacements for Konica Minolta multi-functional printers.

Processing a Student PaperCut Payment Request

Steps for TS, Student Accounts and Library to process a student paying their printing or student refund.

How to order Scantron sheets Request to order Scantron scanning sheets



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