Information regarding Microsoft Office 365

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Adding Shared Mailbox to Outlook (Mac client)

How to access your shared mailbox on Mac computers

Alumni information for Office 365

Information regarding Office 365 for recent grads of Acadia University

Installing Office 365

Basic instructions on getting Office 365 (Install on up to 5 devices).

Managing Your Installs of Office 365

Run out of install of Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 Communication Protocol Change

Information on TLS support and Office 365

Microsoft Office Upgrade

How to upgrade and meet the minimum specs for Office 365

Minimum Operating System(s) for Office 365

How to upgrade and meet the minimum specs for Office 365

Office 365 - FAQ

FAQ for common Office 365 questions

Office 365 - Get Started with Office Online

Getting Started with Office Online.

Office 365 - Quick Start Guides

Quick start guides to help you get moving with various Office products.

Office 365 - What About Privacy

Privacy and security questions regarding Office 365 answered by Microsoft.

Office 365 Client Licensing and Activation

Changes to Office 365 activations.

Office 365 Collaboration Options and Guidelines

Brief summary of the main document collaboration options and some guidance of their use.

OneDrive Information

Accessing OneDrive via the 365 portal

Online training and links

Summary of useful online training and links

Report issue(s) with Office 365

Report issue(s) with Office 365.

Sharing Files with a Class

Course groups have been created to provide a convenient method to share documents with members of your class within the Office 365 environment.  Membership of the course groups are refreshed over-night based on the current course enrollment.  The steps to share a document with a course group using the One Drive web interface are outlined in this article.